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The Mind at Work: Alison Gopnik on learning more like children – Productivity Article

As Gopnik wrote about in her earlier book, The Scientist in the Crib, from the time they are babies, children learn by testing their theories of the world. And there’s evidence from the work in Gopnik’s lab that young children are quite good at calculating statistical likelihood and updating their beliefs like any good Bayesian scientist. They are driven by curiosity to develop a causal theory of the world.  Until recently, both curiosity and causality were curiously left out of…

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Work, simulated – Productivity Article

What the growing popularity of office simulation video games says about modern work Video games allow anyone to escape the mundane and experience something otherworldly. It?s sort of strange, then, that over the last decade or so, games that simulate doing boring office work have become a pretty popular subgenre. Apparently there?s nothing quite like coming home from a long day of work to experience another long day of work. The broader simulation genre started with the Colecovision game Fortune…

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