Top Mental Strategies to Get You Through Doing Things You Don’t Like

We all have to do things in life that we don’t necessarily like to do: a project at work, doing chores around the house, going to the gym, or attending an event you don’t want to go to. That’s just part of being responsible and taking care of what needs to be done in life. While it can be tedious, boring, and unpleasant to do these activities, psychologists have developed various “mental strategies” to make these activities a little easier…

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What it takes to gain momentum with your start-up — Wolkify

Momentum out of thin air Imagine you were given the following task: You have to get from point A to point B, and you are allowed to use this car right here to get there faster. Theoretically the car has gas in the tank and a working engine, it does however have problems starting. So in order to get the motor running, you have to push it until it is fast enough that you can jump in and start the…

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