My Metropolitan Museum Experiment: The Aims, the Rules, the Questions. – Happiness Article

Soon, Elizabeth and I will reveal our “20 for 2020” lists in episode 255 of the Happier podcast. One item on my list is particularly ambitious: it’s my Metropolitan Museum experiment. For the year of 2020, every day that I’m in New York City and the Met is open, I will visit. Every single day. Why? For my next book project, I’m exploring…I don’t yet know how to describe it. I want to shake myself, I want to reach my…

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FAQ: What if My Result from the Four Tendencies Quiz Doesn’t Seem Right? – Happiness Article

I’ve developed a personality framework that divides people into four categories, the “Four Tendencies“: Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, and Rebel. To find out your “Tendency,” take the quick free quiz here. More than two million people have taken this quiz! From time to time, people ask me, “But what if I feel like I’m all four of the Tendencies?” or “I got a certain answer on the quiz, but I think I’m actually a combo of two Tendencies, is that possible?”…

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