Thoreau on the True Value of a Tree – Brain Pickings – Happiness Article

More than two years after a fire started by a teenage boy destroyed 47,000 acres of old-growth forest in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, having just resolved to face the new year like a tree, I found myself on the brink of tears before the blackened trunk of an ancient ponderosa pine as I walked the sylvan scar tissue of the tragedy. A conversation with my hiking companion — a dear friend currently working with the Navajo Nation on preserving and…

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Mass-scale reforestation has ‘mind-blowing potential’ to combat climate change, finds study – Positive News – Positivity Article

Planting billions of trees globally is by far the most impactful – and affordable – way to tackle the climate crisis, according to the scientists behind a new study. They have calculated that 0.9bn hectares of land worldwide are suitable for reforestation, and that planting new trees in these areas could remove two-thirds of all the emissions that human activity has sent into the atmosphere. The scientists described the figure as “mind-blowing”. The Crowther Lab of ETH Zurich has published…

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