23 Therapy Worksheets, Interventions, and Techniques to Apply Today – Positivity Article

There are so many kinds of psychotherapy that it can be overwhelming when exploring what therapy has to offer. Whether taking advice from a friend about their experience or searching through the broad online descriptions, narrowing down what comes with therapy is a lot to absorb. Before entering therapy, a good understanding of what you can expect in therapy and from a therapist can be very helpful. Helping more people understand therapy could help reduce the stigma that exists around…

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10 Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) Worksheets & Practices – Positivity Article

The idea of Post Traumatic Growth, or PTG, is a popular one – that survivors of traumatic events cannot only heal from their trauma, but may actually grow into a stronger, more driven, and more resilient person because of their trauma. According to the Posttraumatic Growth Research Group at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, PTG can be understood as positive change resulting from an individual’s struggle with a major life crisis or traumatic event (2014). Where our other…

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What is Client Engagement in Therapy and How to Apply It? – Positivity Article

The outcome of psychotherapy is mostly dependent on the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the client. Any form of therapy requires self-disclosure from the client’s end and an immense commitment to bringing about the desired change. Client engagement or treatment engagement in psychotherapy is one of the most significant aspects of the therapeutic process. It reflects the level of healthy attachment a client has with the therapist and directly impacts on the prognosis. There are multiple identifiers…

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