Theory of Self Determination

Why SMART Goals in Sales Fail

Credit: Gratisography Most sales professionals have sales goals and in many instances these are mandated to be SMART goals. By the way did you know that Zig Ziglar was the first salesperson I found to talk about SMART goal setting? Just as a fresher the acronym SMART stands for: Specific Measurable Attainable Realistically set high (Stretch) Time driven or target date Daniel Pink in his book Drive mentions these criteria and why they fail.  Anyone who understands the Theory of…

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Freedom Is Intrinsic to Our Motivation

Have you ever considered freedom to be intrinsic to motivation? Many times we think of freedom in different terms such as the freedom to walk the streets, the freedom of free speech, etc. Yet if one understands the Theory of Self-Determination, freedom is the authenticity to be one’s self while being responsible to ourselves and others within our community. Choice is infused within freedom. We chose our behaviors. When we ignore others in the quest to assert our own freedom,…

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Why SMART Goals Are No Longer Enough

SMART goals have been with SMB sales professionals and owners for over 50 years.  Yet how many executive leaders and salespeople consistently fail to achieve both professional and personal goals? As SMB has evolved, now is the time for SMART goals to evolve as well.  In the past, the SMART acronym was: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistically set high Target date, time driven Lee Iaccoca is quoted as saying: “The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making…

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