Success Stories

How Aylette Overcame Injuries, Grew Strong, and Started Winning Gold Medals – Self Improvement Article

“See! Even runners should be strength training!” I couldn’t help but think this when speaking to Aylette. Now granted, I’ve been on the record countless times promoting Team Strength Training. However, Aylette is living proof of the benefit of growing strong. There was a time when Aylette would constantly hurt herself while running, where “anything I was doing was leading to injuries and I felt frustrated and really sad about it.” I know how Aylette feels. Getting hurt sucks, and…

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How Mark Adjusted His Mindset, Learned to Meal Prep, and Lost 65 Pounds. – Self Improvement Article

“Here’s another example of the power of meal preparation.” Meet Mark: a busy father who does construction planning in England. He’s also a nerd who fancied himself a drink or two over a warm meal from the pub. All well and good, until Mark went to his doctor for a check-up. The report back? Not great. Mark’s blood pressure was too high, his cholesterol numbers weren’t good, and he needed to lose weight. This is bad news indeed. The thing…

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