Spiritual Transformation

When Other People Notice Your Inner Changes – Spiritual Article

Typically, other people aren’t very perceptive. Sure, there are a few who are, but most people are so wrapped up in their illusions that until a person become dramatically different, the inner changes someone makes are invisible.But if you’ve progressed on your spiritual path, then you understand why this is because at one point you were so wrapped up in your ego illusions that you wouldn’t have noticed another’s inner changes either. Such is how we come to see life–from…

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Confusion About Spiritual Help and Spiritual Neediness – Spiritual Article

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, but even with such a simple request, there can be confusion. Part of that confusion is between neediness and legitimately needing support.Spiritual neediness is needing someone else to do things for you and giving up your personal ability to do things you need to do. This is the path of the spiritual child.The spiritual adult realizes that they need assistance for something, and they get the support that allows them to…

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What Happens When We Meditate? – Meditation Article

What are we actually doing when we meditate? That’s a good question to which there are all kinds of answers. I’ll give you a couple to think about. First of all, when we meditate, awareness is becoming aware of awareness. No matter what state or frame of mind you’re in—your mind may be chattering about a movie, the book you’re reading, a conversation you just had, the commercials you saw on the freeway—when you start to meditate, all that stuff…

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