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5 More 2019 Posts You May Have Missed – Spiritual Article

As my long-time readers know, I create a lot of content. That includes a lot of blog posts as well as videos over on my Jim Tolles YouTube channel (please feel free to subscribe if you haven’t already).But with so much stuff online, a lot gets lost. So I’m re-surfacing some spiritual awakening blog posts from 2019 that I think are worth another look. #1 When Life Gets Tough… Let’s face it. Life gets tough. Even when we surrender deeply,…

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7 Posts from 2018 Worth Checking Out Again – Spiritual Article

I write a bunch of spiritual awakening posts every year, but few ever get noticed once if even that. So I felt like pulling together a short compilation of posts from 2018 that would be worth reading again or for the first time if you missed them or you are new to me. On another note, you can stay in touch with me by subscribing to my free newsletter. Click the link below to join up for as long as…

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