Social Psychology

Don’t Be the Person Who Tries to “One Up” Everyone – Self Improvement Article

It’s important for a business to “one up” their competition to succeed, but the same isn’t necessarily true for our relationships. One-upmanship is when someone does or says something in order to show off or prove that they are better than someone else. For example, when someone tells a story to a friend about how they finally got into the college they really wanted to go to, but then the friend responds with, “Oh yeah? Well I just got accepted…

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Focus on Sharing More Good News With People – Self Improvement Article

When you talk with people, do you usually share good news or bad news? The answer to this question could make a big difference in how people perceive you overall. While we often say “don’t shoot the messenger” when delivering bad news, the truth is that most people have a hard time separating the message vs. the messenger. In one interesting study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, researchers conducted 11 different experiments (real and imagined) and discovered that…

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