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15 Small Decor Changes That Will Make a Big Impact – Wit & Delight – Lifestyle Article

Photo by Camylla Battani on UnsplashEditor’s Note: Meet Zoe, one of our team members here at W&D. When she’s not working with us at the studio, she’s an interior design student, learning about the ins and outs of what makes a home shine. She’ll be lending her very trusted design input to the blog and we’re very excited to share her insights with all of you. We’ll also be sharing a Q&A with her on the blog soon, so stay tuned to learn…

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How to Stop Living Life on Autopilot — Purpose Fairy – Self Improvement Article

Life on autopilot. We’ve all been there. All those days when you feel like you’re just reliving “yesterday” over and over again. Wake up, get dressed, go to work, eat, work some more, come back home, eat, sleep repeat. You might even find yourself having the same thoughts during the day at a certain time of the day. It feels like nothing is new and your life’s just going forward almost without you.  Does it sound familiar?  Did you ever…

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