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From Having a Mantra to Listening to Lizzo, Here’s How to Beat Low Self-Esteem – – Meditation Article

Feeling confident about yourself is important as you go about your day. It helps you accomplish your goals and beat whatever challenges life brings you. Low Self-esteemSome days, you feel like you can conquer the world. You look so fine that you can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror. Then, there are days when you’re down in the dumps. Sweatpants and an oversized shirt serve as your armor, covering everything you want to hide. That’s OK. Everyone has their…

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6 Superpowers Every Introvert Has (And How You Can Use Them Too) – Motivational, Self Improvement Article

The word introvert carries many negative connotations and often a person described as such is thought of as having something wrong with them. But what if I told you being an introvert could be a source of ultimate power and understanding. Stay tuned for the following six points if you want to learn what incredible advantages introverts have and how you can learn from them to better yourself. 6 Superpowers Every Introvert Has (And How You Can Use Them Too) 👇…

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A Simple Guide To The Art Of Living (This Works Even If Your Life Is a Mess)Pick the Brain- Self Improvement Article

It’s no secret that everyone wants to “feel” better and improve their lives in some way while reducing the stress that comes along with it. There’s a multi-billion dollar “personal development” industry dedicated to helping people all over the world to live more fulfilled and meaningful life. Thing is, you can invest in all the courses, attend every seminar and read hundreds of books. But knowledge without action is useless. There’s a huge difference between intellectually knowing something and taking…

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