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How can leaders develop their teams to adapt to the key changes in marketing?Viewpoint – careers advice blog – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

Marketing is one of the fastest-changing industries out there, with shifts in consumer behaviour and new technologies evolving how organisations both market and sell their products or services. It’s therefore becoming increasingly important for marketing leaders to anticipate and adapt to these changes, to ensure their organisations thrive, both now and in the future. Today we’re joined by Keshia Khan, Marketing Director at Hays Americas. Keshia is here to talk to us about the latest trends and how marketing leaders…

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How to improve the customer centricity of your leadership team – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

None of us asked for the iPhone. Just 20 years ago, we were all happy using our mobile phones simply to make calls and send text messages, blissfully unaware of their untapped potential. Fast forward to the present day, and the smartphone is now integral to the functioning of our day-to-day lives. Apple did what all long-standing, successful businesses should do: they anticipated what we, the customer, would want and need before we even realised it ourselves. It was, after…

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