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Thriving on the Go with Work Fuel – Productivity Article

Whether you’re on the road a lot, like our Productivity Ninjas, or you’re often running from one meeting to the next – skipping meals and grabbing food on the go often becomes the norm. Having said that, making poor choices on the road, is also often the main source of sabotage while we’re implementing the Work Fuel Way. When we’re already hungry and stressed, we seek out the path of least resistance, a snack from a vending machine, a shop en…

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Learning How to Relax | Think Productive UK – Productivity Article

Relaxing seems like an easy enough task to do without even thinking about it. But in today’s always connected world, even a Productivity Ninja might not always be able to relax. We are often occupied with thoughts about what we have to do the next day, or even the things we should have already done yesterday and today, that truly switching off  becomes non-existent.Here are some ideas on how to stress less and relax more…  UnplugRemove yourself from any type of technological…

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