Perceive More Than the Weather – Spiritual Article

As we settle into autumn, consider these reflection points on Luke 12:54–59, excerpted from Sacred Space: The Prayer Book 2020 by the Irish Jesuits.A glance at the sky or a whiff of the wind, and you can have a good guess what the weather will be like. So, Jesus asks the crowds, why they are not perceptive enough to see what’s going on around them? As humans created in God’s image, we have the ability to perceive more than just…

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Responding To Tragedies: More Than Thoughts and Prayers – Spiritual Article

When tragedy occurs we naturally want to reach out with words of comfort. We have to do better than “thoughts and prayers.” We’ve been pelted with tragedies — some human created and others of nature — and many of us are reflecting and praying. Texas mass shootings, multiple other mass shootings, Hurricane Dorian, many other hurricanes that left swaths of populated areas devastated, and the deadly California dive-boat fire are just a few of the tragedies we have grieved over…

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