Practice of Meditation

What Happens When We Meditate? – Meditation Article

What are we actually doing when we meditate? That’s a good question to which there are all kinds of answers. I’ll give you a couple to think about. First of all, when we meditate, awareness is becoming aware of awareness. No matter what state or frame of mind you’re in—your mind may be chattering about a movie, the book you’re reading, a conversation you just had, the commercials you saw on the freeway—when you start to meditate, all that stuff…

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From Fat to Fit: Finding Calm in the Tumultuous Journey of Weight Loss – Meditation Article

Part one in a series about personal transformation. Discover what a weight loss journey actually entails in this poignant, starkly honest account of what is involved before, during, and after massive weight loss. Unless you have been on this journey yourself, you will learn things that will surprise you.  The SM Store Media Services Group [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons When I got the receipt from the cashier and grabbed my shopping bags, I knew I was in very big…

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