Re-Think “Black Friday” to Tailor the Holiday to Your Values. – Self Improvement Article

Here in the United States, “Black Friday” is the day after Thanksgiving Thursday, and it’s a traditional day to go shopping for holiday gifts. Many people enjoy this tradition, and the excitement and festive spirit of so many people hitting the stores, but some people don’t like the day’s association with spending and consumerism. If you’re in the second group, you can re-think Black Friday to suit yourself. You can create your own individual activity or ritual to give the…

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Dealing with One of the Most Challenging Forms of Clutter: Paper Clutter. – Happiness Article

Paperwork is one of the toughest forms of clutter to vanquish. Often, it’s much more anxiety-provoking and draining than going through a clothes closet or a desk drawer. To decide what to keep and what to toss, ask: Do you actually need this piece of paper or receipt? What specific use does it serve? Have you ever used it? If you’ve never referred to a category of paperwork, apparently you don’t need it. Will it quickly become dated—like travel or…

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A Yearly Challenge: How to Deal with Post-Holiday Clutter? Here Are My Seven Tips.

I love the holidays! It’s a fun, festive, family- and friend-filled time. It’s also a messy, overwhelming, clutter-creating time. Over the years, I’ve developed some strategies to help deal with post-holiday clutter, and this year I added a few new ones. 1. Each Christmas, my family spends a week in Kansas City with my parents. If possible, I try to do a round of clutter-clearing with each family member before we go. That way, we make room for any new…

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