Dealing with One of the Most Challenging Forms of Clutter: Paper Clutter. – Happiness Article

Paperwork is one of the toughest forms of clutter to vanquish. Often, it’s much more anxiety-provoking and draining than going through a clothes closet or a desk drawer. To decide what to keep and what to toss, ask: Do you actually need this piece of paper or receipt? What specific use does it serve? Have you ever used it? If you’ve never referred to a category of paperwork, apparently you don’t need it. Will it quickly become dated—like travel or…

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A Yearly Challenge: How to Deal with Post-Holiday Clutter? Here Are My Seven Tips.

I love the holidays! It’s a fun, festive, family- and friend-filled time. It’s also a messy, overwhelming, clutter-creating time. Over the years, I’ve developed some strategies to help deal with post-holiday clutter, and this year I added a few new ones. 1. Each Christmas, my family spends a week in Kansas City with my parents. If possible, I try to do a round of clutter-clearing with each family member before we go. That way, we make room for any new…

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