Change Your Life With the Bullet Journal Method – Productivity Article

If you have ever gotten frustrated with a pre-made planner because you ended up working to fit the planner, rather than the planner fitting you, there is a solution. That solution is Bullet Journaling. Ryder Carroll, the author of the bullet journal, has taken his simple system and made a coherent book out of it. Not only does he cover the basic methods (available on his website), but he shows how the bullet journal method can be used in a…

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The Best Planners for 2020 – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

Photo by Plush Design Studio from PexelsAs the new year approaches, it’s time to start making resolutions and goals. One great way to stay on track with your goals is by keeping a planner. Whether you want to make better grades or just be more organized, a planner makes the perfect companion for success. Although some planners are pricey, you can find a quality academic planner or daily planner for an affordable price. And they make good gifts for friends…

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