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Better Living through Budgeting *

Budgeting is difficult! It takes commitment, determination, and sacrifice to make and stick to a budget. If, however, you’re able to stick with it, you’ll find that it has many benefits that lead to better living. My girl and I started budgeting a few years ago. We follow the “envelope system”.  Basically you give each dollar of your monthly salary a name or category (e.g. groceries, utilities, mortgage, etc.) then get cash for each (e.g. $500 for groceries). You use…

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How To Achieve More In Less Time *

Video transcript: Hi there my friend, I am Cornel Manu, founder of I have a question for you: Do you want to achieve greatly, increasing your productivity daily, while spending less time doing it and have more free time to enjoy life and those you love? I am sure you want that. We all want that. When it comes to productivity, being high achievers and focusing so much on getting things done, we tend to sabotage ourselves and even…

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Give More than You Expect to Receive

We all want the best from life: a happy successful life, a loving relationship, true friends and all our dreams coming true. But if we get in the extreme where we expect other people to make us feel in a certain way, we will affect our mood. You are the master of your own emotions Maybe you heard it for the first time or not, but your soul resonates with this sentence. You are the master of your own feelings! You…

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