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Everything You Need to Start Your Mindfulness Practice – Meditation Article

As mindfulness becomes more mainstream, many people still wonder what it is and how to do it. Mindfulness is simply being present to whatever is in your life in the moment and noticing it without judgment.  While being present is certainly a challenge with all the constant distractions around you, tugging for your attention, the ‘without judgment’ part is equally as challenging. Judging doesn’t only mean negative connotations.  It means labeling of any kind.  Good or bad, happy or sad,…

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How To Figure Out Your Life Purpose – Self Improvement Article

Before I knew my purpose, I was a people-pleaser, trying to make everyone happy (no, that wasn’t my purpose).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make everyone happy, and I was exhausted and depressed most of the time, making myself unhappy in the process. In a fit of frustration, I put a pause on the people-pleasing with the thought: “I need to work on me. Everyone can pretend I’m not here for a while.”  And everything went on like it always had.  Nothing…

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