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Introvert Whisperer / How to be a More Spontaneous Introvert – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

These days it seems that anyone short of a social media “influencer” can declare “I’m an extraverted introvert!” It’s like a sugarcoated way of saying “I’m normal, but I’d like to appear nuanced.”We’ve all had days when we feel shy. But for a true introvert, getting out and trying new things is a big challenge. If you’re reading this, maybe you know what that’s like. Breaking the ice and getting comfortable going “off-plan” can be hugely liberating, but it’s…

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Is THIS Hurting Your Career? Take Our Quiz To Find Out Your Interaction Style – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

Have you ever wondered about how you communicate with others?How you interact with others plays a major role in both your career and life in general.It can be hard to categorize yourself. Fortunately, Work It Daily has a FREE ISAT Quiz that can help determine the interaction style that best describes you. What’s The ISAT Quiz? The ISAT quiz allows you to understand your interaction style so you can work more effectively with others. It has 18 questions about your…

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Top 100 Personal Development Blogs 2018

The official Top 100 Personal Development Blogs is back! Damn, I love this time of year. It’s all about setting your year up for massive success and what better way of doing that then presenting you with the best personal development blogs for 2018. In fact, we bring you the Top 100! This is the fifth year that we have compiled the Top 100 personal development blogs and every year we see more and more blogs adding great value to…

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