11 Things People Don’t Realize They’re Doing Because Of Toxic Perfectionism – Self Improvement Article

By Chrissy Stockton Updated December 23, 2019 Processed with VSCO with a8 preset Toxic perfectionism doesn’t mean you’re always perfect. It doesn’t mean you only got As in school. Toxic perfectionism means that you’ve got a little voice in your head that says nothing less than perfect is acceptable. You judge yourself harshly when you fall short of your (very high) standards. You’ve lost the ability to have empathy for yourself or go with the flow, you’re focused solely on…

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How to Break Free of Emotional Eating – Happiness Article

Do you have struggles around eating? If you do, you’re not alone. In the United States, millions of people will fit the diagnosis for binge eating disorder at some point in their lifetime. Many more have less severe eating issues—such as obsessing over calorie counting or feeling shame when they eat “bad” foods—that wreak havoc on their health and happiness. Often, people with problematic eating patterns are worried about their weight and attempt to lose weight by cycling through dieting…

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5 Traits That Get in The Way of Your Goals — Purpose Fairy

Goals are a great thing to have but actually achieving them? It’s challenging! Despite all your best intentions, your goals always seem to be beyond your reach. With each time you try and fall, it becomes more and more difficult to get back up again. Frustrating, isn’t it? I get it because it’s something I personally struggle with (and I still do)! However, with each failure, I learned something new. It’s like Thomas Edison with the invention of the light…

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