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4 Bhoot Damar Tantra Remedies for Becoming Rich and Prosperous – Spiritual Article

In this post, I have described four paranormal remedies for becoming rich and prosperous, which are contained in one of the versions of the Bhoot Damara Tantra. These are standalone remedies that do not need the chanting of any Mantra or Prarthana or the use of any Yantra. This is only a snippet of a Spiritual article written by Neel N Read Full Article

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Shreem Brzee New Age Miracle Money Mantra – Spiritual Article

I get a lot of Mail from my readers who wish to know more about the new-age Miracle Shreem Brzee Mantra-श्रीं ब्रजी मंत्र, which has been attributed with the magical powers of attracting all kinds of wealth and prosperity, including money and material luxuries. These readers also inquire why there is no article about the Shreem Brzee Mantra Chant on my site, which has written about most Hindu Wealth and Money Mantras.Some people also claim that it the most powerful…

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Mantra to Reopen Closed Business and Remove Debts – Spiritual Article

A special Beej Mantra for reopening or restarting a closed shop or business, becoming free from debts, removing all kinds of finance and money related problems and getting money and wealth has been described in this post. The wordings of the Mantra specially mention the removal of debts along with dangers, hardships and sadness.  Hence, this is very relevant Mantra Chants containing some powerful Beej Mantras that can prove to be very effective and beneficial for people facing severe money…

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