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My Best Self Improvement Articles from 2019 – Self Improvement Article

This was a monumental year for The Emotion Machine, which officially turned over 10 years old this year! That’s a whole decade of writing and sharing information about psychology and self-improvement. It’s now time to recap the best article published in 2019. As always, it’s a nice combination of articles covering a wide-range of topics including positive psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, mindfulness meditation, and emotional intelligence. Please take a look through and see if there are any interesting articles…

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7 Beliefs That Halt Change and Growth in Our Lives – Self Improvement Article

Our beliefs and underlying assumptions about ourselves can have a big influence on how we act each and every day. Often times we may not even be aware of these beliefs, even though we think or say them on a frequent basis. Instead, we just take them as accurate views of the world and we don’t question them as only opinion. One of the most important things to understand when it comes to self improvement is that there are common…

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts: A 3-Step Formula

Do you want to stop negative thoughts from affecting you so much? Do you get stuck in thought patterns that lead to anxiety, fear, and worry? What if I told you that there’s a simple way to deal with negative thoughts? You see, I’ve been battling negative thinking patterns my whole life. I’ve battled with my inner critic. I’ve had to learn how to transcend negative self-talk. I’ve tried most of the systems and methods out there, and I’ve found…

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