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19 Great Peter Jackson Quotes For Creative Success – Motivational, Self Improvement Article

A highly acclaimed director and screenwriter from New Zealand, Peter Jackson has a very impressive career. He is most popular for his movie adaptation of J.R.R.Tolkien’s novel trilogy Lord of the Rings, which won 17 Academy Award and received 30 nominations. It later became the biggest blockbuster trilogy in cinema history, earning the staggering sum of $2,9 billion worldwide.  This selection of great Peter Jackson quotes will show you why he made it and will motivate you to chase your own dreams.Without having formal…

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Top 21 Most Inspiring Johnny Depp Quotes – Motivational, Self Improvement Article

With many strange and vastly different roles in his career, acclaimed and beloved American actor Johnny Depp is truly a unique phenomenon in Hollywood. He had a troubled childhood – his family didn’t have a stable place to live and moved constantly. Depp got into drugs at the age of 12. He was awkward and isolated himself as a teen. After his initial success as an actor, Depp‘s troubles continued, having multiple short-lasting, but passionate relationships. Nevertheless, he managed to…

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Top 20 Excellent Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes – Motivational, Self Improvement Article

He is iconic on the big screen. You can see him in some of the best movies in the last twenty years. Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in such movies as Titanic, The Aviator, The Wolf of Wall Street and The Revenant. This choice selection of Leonardo DiCaprio quotes will show you what it takes to achieve wild success.Many former child actors usually crash or fade in their teens and young. Despite that trend, Leonardo DiCaprio has appeared in multiple hit movie…

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