The 8 Core Excuses Standing Between You And Your Dreams – Self Improvement Article

We all have our excuses. They feel unique to each one of us, but in reality, we all deal with the same core excuses. Excuses are imaginary walls standing between you and your dreams. They can keep you from writing that book, picking up your guitar, starting a blog, or traveling the world. If following your passion was easy, everybody would skip right along to the good stuff. The more real your excuses seem, the more you’re onto something meaningful.…

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5 Ways to Get Over Making Mistakes — Purpose Fairy – Self Improvement Article

“It’s easy to never make a mistake, when you are hiding yourself away from the possibility of making mistakes. It’s those who jump out of the nest who will fall and fly. Never judge the quality of an individual based upon how many mistakes they have made. It’s easier not to make any.” ― C. JoyBell C. Have you ever said something that offended your friend when you didn’t mean to? Or married someone who turned out to be a…

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