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Meditation as a Journey to the Unknowable – Meditation Article

Meditation is a journey into the unknowable. The practice of sitting and being perfectly free, unattached and nonreactive allows all of the concepts of our mind to fall away. You see, we live in a largely conceptual reality. What is Conceptual Reality? The vast majority of what we experience are concepts – ideas that take on perceptual form through habit and familiarity. And the conceptual reality we live in is constantly reinforced through our use of language. I am looking…

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The Three Pillars of Meditation – Meditation Article

Meditation is a wonderful practice, full of proven benefits. We know it is good for our health, emotional well-being, and performance. We know it reduces stress, helps us deal with anxiety, boosts positive moods, and gives us better sleep. We know it decreases the risk of several heart and brain diseases, helps with pain management, and strengthens self-esteem. Yes, meditation can help you relax, calm down, and get more clarity and contentment. Yes, meditation helps you develop Four Superpowers, and…

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Meditation and Confidence: From Inner Noise To Inner Knowing – Meditation Article

  Self-confidence is indicated by how strongly we believe in ourselves and in our ability to complete a task or speak up what we’re thinking and feeling. It is an assuredness in ourselves for who we are. A confident person means what they say, and says what they mean. A confident person is not someone who has mastered all things, but rather, someone who is comfortable with failure, with process, with figuring things out on the fly as they go.…

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