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2020 Your Most Magical Year Yet: Planner Preview! – Spiritual Article

Here’s a sneak peek of 2020 YOUR MOST MAGICAL YEAR YET: A Purposeful Planner for Everyday Enchantment. Live YOUR most magical year yet! This beautiful, whimsical planner is the ultimate in awakening to magic and crafting the life of your dreams. Packed with customizable goal planning sections, spells, moon signs, astrology, kindness challenges, poetry, coloring pages, and more, this all-in-one daily and weekly planning calendar will keep your magic and manifestation going strong all year long. Get your copy of…

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Fall Equinox Affirmation Meditation – Spiritual Article

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Fall Equinox (also known as Mabon) is upon us! The Fall Equinox is a time of balance when the days and nights are of roughly equal length. Fall Equinox reminds us to honor both solar and lunar energies, as well as to feel grateful for the abundance of the earth. This Fall Equinox affirmation meditation will help you attune to the magical energies of this sacred time.   Here are the affirmation in this video:…

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5 Easy Ways to Heal and Balance Your Energy Field – Spiritual Article

When your energy field (also known as your aura) is healthy and harmonious, every aspect of your life improves. Healing your energy helps you feel more joyful, energized, vital, hopeful, and alive. Here are 5 simple, reliable ways to heal and balance your own energy field. Find these energy healing practices below in written form, and also find links to additional resources on this site to heal and balance your aura. Take three deep breaths. Optional: chant “Om” and/or place…

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