Equinox Invocation for Both Hemispheres – Spiritual Article

Whether you’re celebrating Mabon or Ostara, tune to the magic of the Equinox and invoke balance and healing for yourself and your world. Blessed Equinox! Wherever you are in the world, it’s the dawning of a new season: Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern. I composed this invocation for our online Equinox ritual in the Good Vibe Tribe Online School of Magical Arts. We have members in both hemispheres, so I like to make our rituals…

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Fall Equinox Affirmation Meditation – Spiritual Article

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Fall Equinox (also known as Mabon) is upon us! The Fall Equinox is a time of balance when the days and nights are of roughly equal length. Fall Equinox reminds us to honor both solar and lunar energies, as well as to feel grateful for the abundance of the earth. This Fall Equinox affirmation meditation will help you attune to the magical energies of this sacred time.   Here are the affirmation in this video:…

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