Loving Yourself

Loving Yourself Doesn’t Mean You Think You’re Perfect – Personal Development Article

Loving yourself doesn’t mean you’re happy with every single aspect of your face, body, and personality. It doesn’t mean you are immune to self-consciousness and insecurity. It doesn’t mean you look in the mirror and think your reflection is a work of art. Loving yourself simply means you respect yourself. It means you accept yourself. It means you take good care of yourself. Even once you reach a state where you can confidently say you love yourself, you’re not going…

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You’re Not Allowed To Insult Yourself Today – Self Improvement Article

Every single day, you insult yourself, you replay your awkward moments, you give yourself far less credit than you deserve. You are your own worst enemy — but that needs to change. You need to learn to love yourself. Your mindset isn’t going to switch overnight, but you can take small stepping stones toward accepting yourself every single day. Starting today, you are going to challenge yourself to be kind to yourself. See if you can handle these tasks for a…

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