Don’t Be the Person Who Tries to “One Up” Everyone – Self Improvement Article

It’s important for a business to “one up” their competition to succeed, but the same isn’t necessarily true for our relationships. One-upmanship is when someone does or says something in order to show off or prove that they are better than someone else. For example, when someone tells a story to a friend about how they finally got into the college they really wanted to go to, but then the friend responds with, “Oh yeah? Well I just got accepted…

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The Levels of Listening Help Us ConnectPick the Brain- Self Improvement Article

To support the goal of creating connections with others, I isolated one of the most critical elements of good communication: listening. Communication is simply one of the biggest factors in our relationships. It is a critical element in our work connections, how we see our boss or company leadership, and how we grow (or break) personal relationships. And one of the most critical skills needed is, in fact, not saying anything at all. Those who are introverts do not need…

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