On Surrendering Yourself to Love — Purpose Fairy – Self Improvement Article

The art of surrendering comes from a place of Love. It comes from a deep trust in the invisible Field that gives Life to all of life. When you trust, you find it easy to relax, let go, and let the God within you lead the way… In love, we trust. In fear, we doubt. ~ Luminita D. Saviuc There are moments in life when we have to step away from the world in order to know how to live in…

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A Thought Experiment to Spark Change – Self Improvement Article

One of the biggest obstacles to self improvement is overcoming your self-image. Your “self-image” is a mental picture of how you view yourself and how you believe others see you. This includes not only physical characteristics (like height, weight, and body shape), but also mental characteristics (such as your personality, confidence, skills, and attitude). We often consider this self-image to be an objective truth. We think to ourselves, “Of course I know who I am! How could I not?” But…

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