Tea coasters as India souvenirs and cool gift ideas

Tegestology – The word sounds like a tongue twister. What it means is a practice of collecting beermats or coasters. For most of us, coasters are insignificant little pieces that we tuck under our glass or coffee mug, but a set of people, called tegestologists look upon these as collectable items. Coasters or beermats, as they are popularly known, first found use in the German, British, Irish and other European pubs in the late 19th century. Flipping coasters in the…

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Decoupage table & cool craft Ideas for Home Decor

Last updated on November 27th, 2018 Creativity can find expression in myriad ways and creative inspiration can come from varied sources. In an Instagram-inspired moment earlier this year, I had used some of the pictures to make theme-based tea coasters (I had written about those in the post Tea coasters as India souvenirs and cool gift ideas). Since then, I have painted trinket boxes, designed wall hangings, and subsequently proceeded to source different art and craft objects from different artisans,…

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