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Back-To-School Baon Hacks with Jack n’ Jill Magic Junior | Dear Kitty Kittie Kath – Lifestyle Article

     Reality sinks in, the kids are really back-to-school. Time to wake up early five days a week, prepare healthy baon and no fuss snacks. My son is so excited to go back-to-school and see his old classmates and meet new friends.      We are also giddy to do our weekly grocery to buy Kenzo’s snacks. My son is active in school and there were times that he skips eating his baon if he sees the same thing every…

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Tiny Social Anxiety Hacks To Make Your Daily Life Easier and Less Stressful

If you suffer from social anxiety (or you’re just a very shy person), you’ve likely developed little ways to make your day a tad easier and less stressful, whether it’s at school, work, home, or just out walking in public. We all get socially overwhelmed sometimes, and in those situations it can be helpful to have “tiny hacks” to help you get by without causing a scene or going into full-on panic mode. Here’s a comprehensive list of these tiny…

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5 Amazing Life Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

Life Hacks are ten a penny with entire websites designed to share them with the world. The only problem is that many have zero basis in science and simply don’t work. Here are 5 that absolutely do work – if that is, you can be bothered to implement them properly. 1. Life Hacks  – Hacking Procrastination If I had $100 for every client that told me they worked better the nearer they got to a deadline, I’d probably have bought…

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