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What Makes Danby Marble Different and Cost Comparison of Countertops – Lifestyle Article

Everything you want to know about Danby Marble. Get insight on cleaning, sealing, pricing and more from someone who has chosen it for two different kitchen remodels.There are so many little decisions to make and products to source when it comes to a kitchen remodel. Fortunately, the easiest decision that we have made for both of our kitchen remodels is countertops.Researching Danby MarbleI receive a lot of questions about our marble kitchen countertops. We have used marble in our previous…

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Unlacquered Brass Kitchen Faucet aka Living Finish – Lifestyle Article

Get the details on purchasing an unlacquered brass kitchen faucet (also known as uncoated brass or a living finish), including where to shop, what to look for, and what to expect as it ages!There’s still so much to share with you about our kitchen remodel, even if it hasn’t been moving right along as we’d hoped. Little has changed since late May, but we’re living in our kitchen and loving it!I’m excited to share a little about our unlacquered brass kitchen…

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