John Derian

John Derian Picture Book Project – Lifestyle Article

Straddling past and present with aesthetic aplomb, John Derian has created a world that is as unique and transportive as it is addictive. His enviable curiosity, fueled by a love of nature, history and craft have set him apart in the world of decorative art and furnishings. And his enchanting decoupage, where it all started, continues to attract legions of fans around the globe. This month marks the 30th anniversary of John Derian (the company) and to help celebrate, I…

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At Home with John Derian in New York City – Lifestyle Article

Just as John Derian‘s stores represent his endless curiosity and quixotic vision of the intersection of nature and art, so his East Village home is a testament to his love of the past, the handmade and the natural world. Here found objects are imbued with as much visual meaning as his collections of porcelain and ceramics. And the art of craft and the handmade express a distinct human presence with charm, wit and warmth. Please join me and Susanna as…

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