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6 Key Job Profiles That Will Be In Demand In 2020 – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

In-demand job profilesJob profiles are changing fast and how! Today, you can apply to jobs that weren’t even there just five years back. With technology changing, several job profiles are increasingly becoming irrelevant while new job profiles are coming up.If you are graduating in 2020 then there are certain jobs that would be in higher demand than a few others.We have listed out the top six job profiles that will rise in demand in 2020 and the future years and…

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Traits Required To Start A Career In Digital Marketing – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

A career in digital marketing has been one of the most promising and lucrative careers in the past few years. Many students across education streams, be it engineering or commerce have taken the plunge into the non-tech world of digital marketing.This trend is only growing and it’s not surprising because digital marketing has been occupying a major part of the marketing strategy for most companies and organizations. While there are now colleges and special institutes which offer courses in Digital…

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The AMCAT exam can open a lot of opportunities, especially for freshers – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

What does the AMCAT exam mean to you? Bigger opportunities than ever? High-paying jobs? Or jobs with big brand names that will forever look beautiful and glowy on your resume? Saurabh Kaushik got all that as he opted for the AMCAT exam and lept ahead in his career. Let’s find out what he has to say about the AMCAT exam and his success journey with it – Why did you opt for the AMCAT exam?  Saurabh says that he opted…

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