Jill Elliott

5 Tips to Starting a Daily Creative Practice – Wit & Delight – Lifestyle Article

Photo by Petra Bindel for Milk DecorationAs previously seen on Wit & Delight Editor’s Note: Our March theme, Say Yes, is about making a deliberate choice that shakes things up and grants a new perspective. Contributor Jill Elliott is a master of creativity and in this post from 2019, she shares how you can say yes to practicing creativity daily. We hope it inspires you to get out there and create something new this spring. As a lifelong creative, I…

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How to Journal for Stress Relief – Wit & Delight – Lifestyle Article

Photo by Hannah Olinger on UnsplashI’ve been a worrier for most of my life. Overthinking what’s to come, replaying what’s behind. You name it, I’ve probably obsessed, googled, and lost sleep over it.Until recently. Through years of therapy, meditation, and yoga, I’ve finally found a way (for me) to lessen the pinging inside my brain of all the things to worry about. These days, I view stress as something my body needs me to notice, to embrace, and then to move on from.…

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The Things We Keep – Wit & Delight – Lifestyle Article

Photo Courtesy of Carolina Rodríguez for The Everygirl Summer, it seems, is making me nostalgic. The season of possibility, spontaneity, and play has me spending my days more leisurely, more relaxed, more aware and connected. The season of travel, gatherings, and being social leaves me inspired and longing for more—more adventure, more fun, more purpose. This healthy tension of a relaxed pace and spur of the moment plans is increasing the spontaneity and joy I crave in life, in space,…

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