What Happens When You Take a Facebook Break – Happiness Article

For a healthier and happier life, you might try to quit something: sugar, gossiping, hitting the snooze button. These days, many people have directed their self-improvement energy at trying to quit social media, at least temporarily. I decided to join them. On Monday, November 18, at 1 p.m., I embarked on my own Facebook and Instagram sabbatical—for research purposes, of course. Admittedly, I was curious how I’d spend the extra time—and whether all the curly hair gurus I follow were…

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Why You’re Jealous Of Each Zodiac (And Why You Shouldn’t Be) – Personal Development Article

Aries You assume they don’t let anything get to them because they act like they DGAF, but beneath their hard exterior they’re soft and vulnerable. They cry more than you think. Taurus You assume their relationships are perfect because they only have good things to say about their partners, but you’re missing all of the nasty arguments they keep hidden behind closed doors. Gemini You’re jealous of them because they always seem to live in the present and enjoy the…

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