Why You Need to Take Care of the People Who Take Care of You – Personal Development Article

Some leaders believe that customers are their most important priority. Others believe their boss, their board, or their investors are their most important priority. I’ve worked in companies where these philosophies were the cultural norm. But I don’t agree with them. I believe your teammates are your most important priority. If you take care of them, they will take care of everything else. In business, your team takes priority. Take care of them and they’ll take care of the rest.Michael…

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6 Important Things to Consider When Choosing an Investor – Self Improvement Article

YouTube is a social media platform that has turned many a normal person into a celebrity. With over 1.9 billion logged-in users visiting YouTube every month, it is a hugely popular platform that is being actively used by people who are leveraging its reach and popularity for reputation building, increasing visibility, creating and driving brand reach and last but not the least, earning money. We keep hearing success stories of YouTube influencers who were nobodies when they started out and…

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