Interview prep

The 8 best Tips to crush it in your next Video Interview – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

As you probably already know, video interviews are becoming increasingly popular. You will most likely experience at least one video during your job search, so I want to help you prepare with these 8 practical tips to crush it in your next video interview. Video interviews are actually beginning to replace phone interviews because you can tell so much more about a person when you can see them. It provides far more insight into a person compared to just hearing…

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How To Prepare For An Informational Interview – Work It Daily – Career Development, Self Improvement Article

Informational interviews are an essential part of a successful job search. Not sure what you need to do? Marcy Twete, author of You Know Everybody! A Career Girl’s Guide to Building a Network That Works, offers some great tips for nailing your next informational interview. 1. Give Them Some Options “The good news is, most people will want to help someone new to the business world,” said Twete. “The bad news is, people are busy!” When you reach out to…

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