Reflection Prayer: The Traditional Ignatian Examen – Spiritual Article

One prayer exercise to get in touch with our inner senses is called The Examen. The motto in Ignatian spirituality is to “find God in all things.” We do that by examining our life. As our lives unfold with each choice, our reactions to unexpected challenges, and our search for stability in the midst of change, we get glimpses of God’s loving guidance, companionship, and support. It’s as if Jesus says, “We have eyes to see.” We develop these special…

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The One Degree Difference – Productivityist – Self Improvement Article

I had eye surgery only days before writing this piece. It wasn’t a laser surgery designed to improve my eyesight, like so many of these surgeries are. Instead it was a surgery designed to prevent me from making my eyesight worse. (If you want to know more about the type of laser surgery I had then just search the term “laser iridotomy” and you’ll be on your way.) Lasers are precise in nature and when the surgeon was spending the…

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How YOU Can Create a Powerful 10 Year Life Vision – Self Improvement Article

YouTube is a social media platform that has turned many a normal person into a celebrity. With over 1.9 billion logged-in users visiting YouTube every month, it is a hugely popular platform that is being actively used by people who are leveraging its reach and popularity for reputation building, increasing visibility, creating and driving brand reach and last but not the least, earning money. We keep hearing success stories of YouTube influencers who were nobodies when they started out and…

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