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5 Subtle Secrets to Finding Peace – Spiritual Article

Establish serenity in your world with these simple inner shifts. If you’re waiting for the outside world to become peaceful before you can be peaceful, you will never find peace. But when you start with yourself, you’ll see the world through eyes of peace. In turn, the world will actually become a more peaceful place. That’s how powerful you are: your peace sends waves of peace throughout the planet. Your present moment evolution heals the world in all directions of…

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1 Simple Secret to Self-Love – Spiritual Article

We hear a lot about the importance of self-love. But we don’t seem to hear as much about how to love ourselves. This video will give you a solid starting point that will help you love yourself more, and to continue to deepen that self-love over time. You may also like: The Self-Love Checklist: Are… This is only a snippet of a Spiritual article written by Tess Whitehurst Read Full Article

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How to be Lucky and Have Good Karma – Spiritual Article

Contrary to what many believe, luck is not a fixed quality: you can absolutely change your luck for the better. In fact, you can make a lifetime project out of constantly improving your karma and increasing your luck. Here are some places to start. Here’s a checklist of what I went over in the video for boosting your karma and luck: Clear your clutter Assess and rewrite limiting beliefs and stories Say or write affirmations Perform rituals Get your energy…

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