The Danger of Creative Destruction – Life Optimizer – Self Improvement Article

I’m currently reading Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson. The book is about how nations throughout history reached prosperity or poverty. In essence, nations reach prosperity through innovations that bring them to new economic heights. The Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth century is a prime example. Such innovations have a “negative” effect, though: they cause creative destruction. The new replaces the old. As a result, many people lose their jobs if they can’t keep up with…

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How to Spark Creativity at Work When You Feel Stagnant – Self Improvement Article

Even if you’re lucky enough to be in a career and job you love, there are going to be days, weeks, and even months where you feel stagnant and bored. You can’t always wait for creativity to strike, though; sometimes a project has to move forward, even if you’re feeling sluggish. These are the times when you have to work harder to shake things up and spark creativity at work. Here’s how to do that. Make It Visual It’s hard…

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This Eco-friendly farming method is making Happy farmers

Climate change and environmental pollution are issues that are raising concerns all around the world. The ongoing damage to the atmosphere due to excess carbon in the air calls for the adoption of sustainable practices. In my previous post, I had shared an account of my experience of village lifestyle at Saguna Baug, near Mumbai. Besides being an agro-tourism farm resort, Saguna Baug is also the seedbed for sustainable agriculture and grassroots innovation. A technique evolved at the farms of Saguna…

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