My Three Favorite Tools For a Healthy, Happy Life with Soraya Bakhtiar – Meditation Article

 In one word, what describes your approach to life? “Presence.”   We were honored to interview fashion blogger Soraya Bakhtiar about her passions and lifestyle, and how the Transcendental Meditation technique has fostered the strength, awareness, and presence to support her in accomplishing her ambitious goals. The world of fashion has become a cyclone that whizzes through each season, and despite the overwhelmed audience left in its wake, the storm only continues to gather speed. At the eye of this…

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Hendricks: The Liquid Circus – Capital Lifestyle – Lifestyle Article

Come one, come all to mark World Cucumber Day. Yes you read that right… world cucumber day is a thing and you need to get into it.   Hendricks holds cucumbers to a very high standard, infusing it into their gin, creating a day for it, making it the star of their ads and center of their brand. They do not take the cucumber for granted. World Cucumber Day was just another excuse for us to celebrate Gin O’clock.…

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