What Helps Kids Thrive Under Extreme Adversity? – Happiness Article

Preschoolers’ ability to regulate their attention, behavior, and emotions has been linked with their capacity to cope with difficult situations and thrive in the classroom. But most research into how children develop these skills—known as “executive functions”—has taken place in high-income countries like the United States. A new study led by Stanford Graduate School of Education professor Jelena Obradović identifies several factors that appear to promote these skills in children from parts of the world with high rates of poverty,…

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What Does It Mean to Be an Engaged Citizen? – Happiness Article

This year’s Independence Day marks the 243rd birthday of the United States—a country that today has a population of around 330 million people from all walks of life. Our growing diversity, combined with an increasingly polarized politics, challenges us to imagine what a modern American civic identity looks like. America is not the same country it was decades ago, so it makes sense that our view of what it means to be a citizen in today’s America would evolve, as…

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