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Last updated on May 21st, 2018 Summer is in full swing! The scorching heat during the day compels us to spend time mostly indoors in the comfort of fans and air conditioner. Weekend outings are pushed to the evenings. On one of these evenings. we headed towards Navi Mumbai to see Urban Haat, an open-air crafts bazaar built on 12 acres of a sprawling lush green hill at CBD Belapur. Located near the CBD Railway Station, Urban Haat is a…

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8 Indian Folk Art Forms that will add elegance to your home decor

‘Heart crafted and Handcrafted,’ read the tagline of Dehaat India, a startup by Anuradha Sinha, who presents art and artisans from different parts of rural India Recently, I attended an exhibition organised by Dehaat India at Kala Ghoda in Mumbai, with an eclectic collection of Indian folk art and crafts created by artisans from all over India. Finished and presented to appeal to modern design sensibilities, the artwork from the interiors of India make perfect keepsakes. Here are some of…

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