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5 of the Worst Pieces of Advice and How to Understand Them Better – Personal Development Article

Ever noticed how easy it is to offer advice? You go to Google, find an inspiring quote and share it with your struggling friend. Yes, it’s well-meaning help, but sometimes it does more harm than good. In this post, we will dive deeper into some of the most popular pieces of advice out there that you should forget about. Without further ado, let’s separate the wheat from the chaff:1. Follow your passionLet’s be honest, this is one of the trendy cliche…

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10 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Succeed With ZERO Talent – Personal Development Article

Sometimes you see someone great and we say they’re talented and that’s how they got there. We put ourselves in victim mode  when there’s so much we can do to produce results and become successful.Here are 10 things you can do even if you have no talent at all:1. Being on TimeTime is the most valuable commodity so it’s disrespectful to yourself and others if you waste it. Being on time is something that is very much in your control.…

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12 Essential Skills Required to Succeed as an Entrepreneur – Self Improvement Article

There are lots of unwritten rules about the right set of skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. No doubt, entrepreneurs are filled with a sense of uncertainty on the right set of skills they need to acquire. So, how do successful entrepreneurs know the right skills to integrate into their operations? This is the million dollar question, and it’s time to answer it! As an aspiring or veteran entrepreneur, here are some of the essential skills you need to…

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