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The First Step to Living Life by Your Design – Personal Development Article

If you’d like to learn how to live a purposeful life so you can experience the success you dream of, sign up for the free 90-Day Master Class hosted by the founder of, Joel Brown.Too many of us are living someone else’s life. We are living out what someone else wanted for us, or what someone else expected of us. It may not even be ‘someone,’ because it can be the culture we grew up in that defines us,…

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Follow This 2-Step Process to Stay Motivated When You Feel Like Nothing Is Going Right – Motivational, Self Improvement Article

The dialogue in your mind is the battleground where your motivation lives and dies every day. In every moment, your words are either lifting you or sabotaging your success. Unfortunately, most people are losing this battle within themselves. They are using their most powerful asset — their mental energy — to beat themselves up, play victimization games, or stop themselves from sharing their passion.The amount of time and energy that is wasted on self-doubt and self-sabotage is way higher than…

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How Positive Self-Talk Boosts Motivation and Productivity – Personal Development Article

Yoga is an appointment with your own self. It is time to meet your true self and receive a return ticket to your true nature that is bliss and happiness. You will naturally feel happy while doing yoga. Many people don’t realize they are in a distressed state until it’s too late. The same thing happened with me when I failed to understand my life’s circumstances. I was struggling with a lack of motivation, depression, insomnia, and maintaining my personal…

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