How to Deal with Conflict

How to Forgive but Not Forget – Self Improvement Article

On September 15, 2001, four days after the 9/11 attacks, Frank Roques sat in an Applebees in Mesa, Arizona and declared to his waiter, “I’m going to go out and shoot some towel heads.”Frank then went home, loaded his guns into his truck, and drove around town looking for targets. He passed a Chevron station. Outside, a man with a long beard and turban named Balbir Singh Sodhi was planting flowers in front of the gas station he managed. Frank…

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5 Relationship Books Everyone Should Read – Personal Development Article

Here’s something you may or may not expect: I drown in fucking emails. I know everyone says that. Everyone gripes about their overflowing inbox. But I’m serious here. Every time I log in, I’m like a kid in a pool who forgot he’s wearing a floaty: it’s just pure panic. I get up to 1,000 emails per week. And that’s not counting spam. That’s 1,000 relevant emails that need to at least be acknowledged. Roughly half of those 1,000 emails are…

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